Speak To Me

I get it,

We’re both nervous,

We both have things to say to each other

But I’m not ready for my say

Three words too strong,

Two words even stronger if they come from you,

Two words so hard- hitting,

Two words so painful

But I wanna know how you feel

The year before,

We went through the same phase

We were younger,

And we were still trying to fit in,

Trying to find a perfect space to dive in the new ocean

After that,

I know how I feel

But I’m not ready to tell you yet

I need you to feed it out of me

I need you to take the words out of my heart,

I need you to help the words flow out of my mouth,

From the tip of my tongue,

Sliding off my lips

I want you to have the desire to hear what I have to say,

But I need to know what you want to say as well,


Speak to me


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