Who I Used To Be

Last year,

I felt like I was three or four different people,

It was like I switched who I was,

Like seasons changed every three months

I came here like a scared kitten,

Ready to begin the next stage of life,

Ready to see the world

But had to hide herself away,

Because she wasn’t ready to reveal who she really was

She was engulfed in the wave of male dominance,

And was too scared to show how confident and powerful she was,

When you gave her a bat

Before she knew it,

She was hitting marks and targets,

Her confidence burned brightly in her soul,

And she thought things had gotten better,

But then she decided to focus on words

She read instead of played

She skimmed letters and the seas of literature

And soon all the appreciation she was receiving started to wane

And things changed for the worse

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