To You- 3/3

I’ve been the main character in a 6 month fairytale,

And throughout the storyline,

I was forever wondering if you were the antagonist,

Or whether you were coming to rescue me

I knew that the longer I let this story go on,

The more further away I was getting to you

I was hungry for the truth,

I was ravenous,

And waiting for you to feed me

It was clear that the pages of our story were running out

And another thing I was sure of was that this wasn’t gonna have a happy ending 

Now that I know the truth,

I can’t help but feel the pain every time I see you 

In all honesty,

I never understood what I ever did to deserve this 

I guess what I did was stupidly believe that there would be an us

But you can never spell us without u

I now know that there was no way we could’ve carried on 

Which was why I finally cut you off 

I’m saying,

With all the sorrow residing in my heart,

That you were a mistake

I hope one day you realise that right now,

You don’t need anyone,

But you do need some dignity,

And also some respect.

                                          With lots of love,

                                                        The Girl Who Made The Same Mistake Over And Over Again


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