What Would You Do?

We were something before,

Before it wasn’t proper,

It wasn’t real,

It wasn’t what I was wanting,

Or hoping

But I wanna give you a second chance

It’s been a year,

We’ve grown,

And we still are

I know officially how I feel about you now,

But I don’t know what to expect

What would you do once we’ve finally answered the official question?

How would you help me in my time of need?

Whenever I crawl into the dark hole,

Would you take me out and show me sunshine?

Would you wipe away the fog whenever my soul gets misty?

Would you wipe away my tears?

I remember the time when I was heartbroken,

Laying down and trying to accept reality as it is,

And then I thought of you,

How there could be hope for us

And all my worry went away

That uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach then turned into butterflies

Please tell me,

Are you gonna be the uneasy feeling,

Or the fluttery feeling?

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