To You- 2/3

Eighteen songs,

Almost half of them about you,

About the pain you continuously put me through

About the butterflies you’re forever inserting in my stomach

About how I’m endlessly waiting for my liberation 


I seemed to be forever put in your possessive trap,

There you tortured me for an answer you pretty much already had

Yet you weren’t even that sure

But you could’ve been,

You could’ve asked me,

But your cowardice got the better of you 

All this time,

We were both so curious

The times when I would search for your eyes as you found mine

Yet nothing between us was crystal clear

What we had was just fogged glass,

A translucent connection,

A misty atmosphere 

Yet still,

I wanted to peek through that fogged up window and climb in,

I wanted your love,

Even though it was so difficult to receive

I was at the mountain peak,

Staring down at two paths:

Continue driving down an endless road of heartbreak and confusion,

Or to liberate myself and forget about the trouble you put me through?

Even so,

The questions still rolled in like bowling balls,

And I allowed the pain to do so as well


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