Your Desperation

Not until now,

At this very point in time,

Did I realise how desperate you are for companionship,

Did I realise that you had an unsubsidised hunger for a girl

The more you try to consume,

The more starved you become,

And little did you know,

That you were running out,

Quicker than you thought

But even so,

The way you treat them,

And the way they treat you,

Is unbelievable 

You get cast under spells of physical attraction

“But I was caught up, by physical attraction,”- If I Ever Fall in Love by Shai 

And soon your mouth becomes dry,

And you get thirsty for them

And even when either you or they get let down,

You still have substitutes,

You still have back- ups:

Your “Plan Bs”

For when things go wrong

I still don’t understand,

Why you keep going along with this

Can’t you see that you’re forever getting the same results?

It’s too early for The One to exist yet for you

But you still hope for them to come running into your arms

Can’t you see that you don’t need anyone?

You’re perfect the way you are

But it’s seems like you believe you would need someone to make you complete


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