To You- 1/3

I need three parts to explain what you did to me

But how can I begin?

How can I explain how this started when I don’t understand the Genesis itself?

Your love came like a thief in the night

But it’s not even like you loved me in the first place

The feeling captured my heart and kept it captive

I don’t know how you did it,

And it seemed unintentional anyway

None of us wanted it to happen

But it did

I was cast under a spell,

From super powers you never thought you had

I was powerless,



But still,

You didn’t realise,

Until I was paying too much attention to you,

The way your eyes focussed on one exact point

The way you rested your hand upon your cheek,

The beauty of your hands and fingers

I realised more about you than I did

Because finally those things mattered

Little did I know,

There was still more to come


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