I Remember…- II

I remember when I had feelings for you,

How she reacted when I told her,

When she told me all the reasons not to like you

But I pushed them away like painful thoughts

I remember that day when I was icy in my heart,

After I found out he had feelings for her,

That time when I thought I’d never fall in love again,

That time when I thought I’d never be happy again

All it took was the thought of you

That thought that you may be what I needed

I remember those times when those feelings I had for you were so sincere

I thought of you more than I should’ve,

I worried about you more than I should’ve

But now that I’m in the present,

Looking back to those times,

When over a year ago,

You would make me feel things,

You would make me cry at TP

Make me wonder

I know that you were the best,

You’re irreplaceable

And if I could bring those past memories back into the present,

Then I wouldn’t ever take them for granted

I’ll make them more sacred than they were before

Not something I just remember,

Something I know and recall


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