To Her- II

I know how you feel about him,

And I know how he feels about you

It all makes sense

Cause you guys have always been so close

You’ve always been there for each other 

And out of all The Others,

You were the best for him

I actually understand why he has feelings for you in particular 

I hope he gives you those butterflies he used to give me,

Everytime we met eyes

I hope you love them too

Those eyes that twinkle everytime he smiles and laughs,

Everytime he gives you that look,

That makes you feel special

And I hope he treats you well

Cause I know that you deserve every good thing that’s come to you,

And you deserve everything on the way too

He was just an addition to all the good things you have now

He’s one of the many  great things that you have,

And I don’t 


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