The Big Wave

I never knew when it was gonna hit,

I never knew it was gonna make such a big impact,

I never knew the amount of power it had,

I underestimated it

I thought my seas were calm

I thought the only powerful force was the faintly strong pushing of the wind in the atmosphere 

But all of a sudden,

The water got uneasy

Banks burst 

Waves crashed against each other like angry, attracting cymbals

I was caught up in the clashing,


Perilous waters

They swallowed me

I was choking like none other

And my breath weighed more than a thousand tonnes

I couldn’t hold on to anything

I just needed to escape

I ran past everyone

I made my way to those stalls I’m too familiar with,

The ones I always see through my eyes blurred with tears

I locked myself in there,

And deconstructed

But the four walls,

They seemed to taunt me

I tried to push myself against them,

But still,

They kept me captive

I managed to make my way back to shore after the struggle

But the aftermath contaminated the whites of my eyes

Now everytime I remember the floundering,

The gasping,

The choking,

The struggle

I can’t help but weep a little

And feel myself gradually sliding back into the stormy seas


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