Three Words From Another Tongue

I always knew for certain that I loved you,

Out of all the trials,

You were the only one successful 

You gave me hope,

You made me feel things,

You powered me with the voltage of uncontrollable emotions

I know for sure,

That my three words won’t be wasted on you at all,

Cause you’re truly worth it

But one thing I’m afraid of,

Is the fact that another one knows about my love for you

I’m afraid that those words will be used from another tongue

But I being replaced with my name or simply just:


Why hear such special words from others,

Instead of the special words from me:

From my lips?

Wouldn’t you want it that way?

But you just don’t know

But I don’t know when I would be prepared to let the three simple words slip of my tongue,

Whether it’s a whisper,

Or a shout from across the rooftops,

It still will have the same wonderful impact

And it will still give you that beautiful fluttering and tugging at the heartstrings 


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