A Little Chat + Update

Hey everyone, it’s me! Yayyy! I thought today we’d just have a little chat and I’ll update you guys on what’s going on.


Today was my first day back to school cause last week was half- term and as you guys probably know, I was posting a lot during this free week. I have to say, I had a great day for the first time in forever and it was actually sunny.

I also wanna apologise for not posting a lot today cause honestly I was pretty much brainwashed and my right brain wasn’t really doing anything so I didn’t really have the creativity to write anything. I started writing a poem at school in my book but I couldn’t be asked to finish it. I’m soweee guys 😒

I also wanna talk about my full length posts. You guys seemed to really enjoy my one about the type of people in group chats and I’m really glad about that. I wanna be posting more full- length blogs more often but you know they can be very time consuming- well, the way I do it and I have to come up with ideas as well. It would be really cool if you could comment different full lengths you want me to do cause that would be pretty awesome.

I also wanna be doing a q and a soon so it would also be really cool if you commented questions you wanna ask me so I’ll actually have questions that can… you know… be answered 😜.

So I guess that’s it. Hopefully I’ll finally get creative enough to write a poem tonight so you guys can’t get upset about my lack of shining of pure awesomeness. 😜

Peace out and stay awesome ✌🏾️

                                ~ ES Ordinary xx


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