My Tears


Salty water,

Trickles from my eyes,

Onto my cheeks,

Just slowly rolling like bowling balls in slow motion

You gave me a low feeling inside,

That then turned into a feeling of being set on fire,

Instead of kindling,

You brought destruction,

My heart turned to ruins

My soul got eaten by dusty sadness

Your last words bit me,

They chewed me up and spit me out,

As if I was a piece of waste

My feelings got messed up

My head was swelling,

After making me dizzy by spinning me round in continuous circles of mind games

And in the end,

The inner wailing began

I may be silent,

But I’m screaming inside,

And the remnants:

The aftermath,

The debris,

Were my salty tears,

Rolling down my cheeks,

Like bowling balls in slow motion,

And striking all the pins of my heart

I guess you won this round 


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