Falling Behind

Can you believe it?

I was in the lead one time,

Racing above everyone,

Letting the wind blow through my hair,

Feeling free and unstoppable 

I thought I would be able to win this race,

I thought I would’ve had the negative energy beaten by now,

I thought they would be in last place

But it seemed like they didn’t want me to be victorious,

They didn’t want me to know how it feels to live just yet,

They grabbed me,

And yanked me back 

I tried to fight it,

But their strength was like 10,000 mighty souls

They tortured me,

And engulfed me in this painful wave of depression and sadness

They held me back and made me watch the people winning the race and making it to the end

Now I don’t know whether I’m gonna make it to the end,

Or whether I’m just gonna keep falling behind


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