Your Lies

From all of these times I trusted you,

From all these times when I mended you when you were broken,

I filled you up when you were empty,

I helped you when you needed me-

You decided to betray me like this 

You had me under your spell,

You made me believe that everything you had been saying was the truth

But really,

It was the exact opposite 

Now I know,


That all the times you told me you loved me,

You cared about me,

That you would do anything for me,

That I was the only thing that mattered to you

That you would never love somebody as much as you love me

That I was special to you

They were all lies,

From a false tongue,

From the mouth of an idiot


I wonder why I ever loved you in the first place

What made you so special?

But at that time,

I thought despite all the bad things about you:

Your reputation,

Your experiences,

You would tell me the truth

But sometimes,

The truth can come in very special ways


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