To My Songs

There’s so many of you guys,

All categorised,

All organised,

Yet still, altogether

People want to hear you

They wanna know more about you

They strive to read you and know what you’re about

But honestly,

I’m not sure if I’m ready to expose you yet

Of course,

You’re wonderful,




And all around amazing

But what if they underestimate you

What if they hate you because you weren’t as they thought you were gonna be like

You’re special to me,

You’re sacred

But I’m scared of what the outside world would think of you

They don’t know the amount of power you have

They don’t know that some of you are about some of them

They don’t know that I always go back to you whenever something happens

They don’t understand that I’m not ready to set you free

Until then,

I’ll only keep you at home,

On my cellular,

And in my book,

Waiting for liberation


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