To My First Him

I never knew why I initially had feelings for you

I just noticed how we never talked that much,

How we were like aliens

And I was suddenly attracted to you

You similar to all the other guys but different

So what?

Your appearance probably wasn’t the greatest

My friends didn’t like you that much

But as always,

I saw the good in you

But you didn’t like me that much

I never knew how you actually felt,

What you actually thought of me

If only I could see you again

Then I would tell you what I wanted to say to you that day

When we were about to get older,

And things were going to change:

That I’m not as crazy as you thought I was,

I had feelings,

Feelings for you in fact

And I didn’t want to leave with you thinking bad of me,

But I guess that was what happened in the end


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