When I Loved You- II

It wasn’t too long ago when my feelings finally waned

Who knew that this would be the way we were cut off from each other?

That this would finally be the end of our marathon?

You managed to catch your breath,

But I eventually passed out,

From being too overwhelmed by the situation

I will miss you,

I’ll miss that wonderful feeling I had in my stomach,

Everytime we met eyes

I mention this countlessly,

But it’s hard to admit how it felt

When I loved you,

When I had no doubts,

I didn’t worry about this sort of situation 

I had wandering eyes,

I allowed them to have a mind of their own,

I loved their rebellious attitude,

To always go in your direction

I would always find some way to peek into your conversations 

But it wasn’t worth it

Ever since I fell in,

I’ve been forever suffocating in the deep pools of my desperation for your attention

I’ve been forever getting disappointed by everything you do


I know it’s definitely not worth it

But I’m still wondering,

What would I do if you were to fall in?

Would I save you and bring you to my island?

Or would I leave you there until you drowned,

And I never accepted you again?


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