To The Breakdowns

You’re a bad consequence,

You come like a thief in the night


You slide in as a dark,


Feeling in my heart

You wrap ropes of sadness and depression around it,

And leave it to choke out all the love,

The appreciation,

The happiness

You cause my body to ache with the wrong emotions

You pierce my pupils until they water

As if you popped a water balloon,

And all the life it had,

Flushed out and down like a waterfall

You embarrass me,

But it seems like they’re used to it,

They’re used to seeing me in such a terrible state,

They always have different theories,

As if you were a scientific discovery,

Waiting to be solved

But they don’t know what’s going on,

They don’t know how simple the answer is

You’re simple,

But also complicated


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