To My Primary Best Friend

As you clearly know,

We were pretty much everything,

We were together all the time,

We had fun together all the time,

And we were inseparable

Of course,

There were some times when we would get pissed off with each other,

But the covalent bonds of our friendship,

Would always bring us back together,

Making our friendship stronger

We believed we would have a future,

That we would have a career together,

We would be successful in life,

As an amazing pair:

As partners in crime

But then you told me,

You told me,

You told me there was a great possibility,

That you weren’t gonna stay

That was probably the last time I was ever optimistic about anything

The last time I had hope for something so great

You left me,

Neglected me,

Abandoned me

I thought even though you were a big part of me leaving,

You were like the butter leaving me,

The bread,



And unapproachable,

I would be able to handle it,

I guess things were going well,

I still had my friends,

But one of them,

Where I needed your help to handle,

She got worse,

And she took them all away

Since then,

Things have been hard,

But I always keep telling myself:

That things are somehow gonna get better

And that:

“I may be feeling low, but I have high hopes,”- High Hopes from High Hopes For Tomorrow ©

But still,

Am I lying to myself about this?


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