To My Heart

You’re the most sacred part of my body,

You’re one of the reasons I’m living,

Cause you’re like the head of a huge organisation

But sometimes I give you too much too much liberty,

I let you run free,

And in the end,

You get captured by the wrong people

All this time when I thought they were gonna mend you,

Gonna make you better after continuous events where I let you into the wild,

And you came back to me broken,


And damaged,

But really they made you worse

I wish I didn’t give you so much responsibility,

I wish I never gave you such boldness,


And independence,

At such an early stage,

I hate always getting the same result,

Everytime I let you fly away to another place:


And difficult to repair

I wish it was always easy for you to come back to me

But it’s hard to admit,

That you have a mind of your own

And you may as well abandon me,

And leave me empty


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