I’m Gonna Miss It

Now that I finally know how you really feel,

That I’m not the one for you,

I’m not the one you care about,

There’s something’s I’ll have to give a farewell to

I’ll miss that great feeling I get everytime you show up,

Knowing the today would be another day of butterflies,

And heart- wrenching moments

I’m gonna miss the beautiful feeling,

Everytime you look at me,

Everytime you look straight into my eyes,

Straight into the depths of my soul,

Like a romantic, emotional microscope

I’m gonna miss the thought of you before going to sleep,

Now knowing that they’ll never be an us,

I have no reason to still think about it at night 

All the feelings,

All the beautiful moments and encounters we would always have,

They’ve now washed away in the seas

You’ll now forever be a good thought,

A good memory,

That sticks in the back of my mind,

But soon will fade away


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