I Know How It Feels

I know how it feels to be lost:

Be forever looking around,

Wondering who you are,

And where she is-

Where she belongs 

I know how it feels to have your heartbroken:

When you thought that person would make you feel whole,

Would make you feel special

Would complete you,

But really they took your heart,

And sliced it into irregular chunks of guilt and confusion;

Confusion of why you ever loved them in the first place

I know how it feels to be downgraded:

To be surrounded by people who think too much of themselves,

But lesser of others,

Who act like you’re a nasty creature,

And they’re the queen bees

I know how it feels to be left out,

To feel unwanted from that group of people,

You try to talk but they forever push you away,

They don’t care about what you think,

They don’t take your words into consideration,

And they take you for granted

I know how it feels to be lonely:

To be absent of love and care from peers,

To have no one there for you,

To feel empty

I’ve felt all these things before,

They strangled my heart,

And pissed me off

But I know in the future,

I’ll know that these will be things I’ll look back on,

As being the things that made me stronger


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