A Painful Ending

*The following content in block quotes are from personal song lyrics that I wrote myself about this particular topic and therefore will be copyrighted in order for them not to be stolen* ©

“Yeah, everytime I fall in love, I remember, what’s the point? When it ends up being painful,”- Painful from If 6 Ain’t Enough ©

I make mistakes,

Too many for my liking,

But it seems like I never learn from them

Everytime I fall in love,

I get my heartbroken,

Over and over again,

Like a vicious,


Heart- breaking cycle

I hate the feeling

The pain continuously chokes my body,

Takes away my breath,

It hurts more than it should

Yet I continue,

I open the gates of my heart,

And it overflows with visitors

It then explodes


“This is what heartbreak surely feels like, and I don’t wanna feel it anymore,”- Heartbreak, Surely from Kk

Why be a part of a story with a painful ending?


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