With Someone Better Than Me

I found out the hard way,

Amongst people,


Like I was experiencing the electronic, public way of getting your heartbroken

I never thought it would be you and her

I thought you guys were just friends

I believed there was nothing between you,

I didn’t have to worry

It was just you and others I had to worry about,

Not her

We are friends 

I always joke about how she’s better than me in every way

But now after knowing how you feel about her,

I finally believe it

I’m second- hand compared to her

She’s so fun,

You can find nothing bad about her

She’s intelligent,


Why wouldn’t you adore her?

And she’s always happy

She pleases everyone 

And me,

I feel downgraded amongst everyone

I’m not that rated by everyone 

And as that day is coming up so quickly,

Just one more day

I know that she’s yours

You said it

Quite clearly


I already saw it coming

I just didn’t expect it to be her


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