To The One I Loved

I’ve been through a lot

A lot of people whom have manipulated me,

Made me feel bad about myself,

Lied to me

But for some reason,

I kept wanting more

I kept looking for more of them

Kept looking for love

Even though I was forever being turned down

I had too much hope

That was the only thing I was optimistic about

And I guess I had a reason to be

It seemed like I always knew that there would be something good coming from your love

I knew it was not as I expected at first

There were lies told

There were tears streaming down faces

But it was worth it

You made me feel things I never had before

You made me feel special

And even though we are now apart

And I don’t feel like we will ever be together again,

You’re still in my heart

And forever living there,

Until the end of time


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