To My Soulmate

I can’t explain how much I wish for us to cross paths,

How much I scream in my mind,

For us to finally see each other

I don’t know if we’ve already met:

Whether you’re lurking in the shadows 

Waiting for my coming,

Or looking at someone else,

But not knowing that I’ll be the one with you in the end

I always imagine how you’ll be like

Whether we would have the same traits,

Have the same ambitions,

I always wonder

All I know is that we’ll be perfect for each other

Every piece of you would fit perfectly,

You’ll be the missing piece to my unfinished jigsaw puzzle

You’ll be the sun to my skies,

The waves on my shore,

Sweeter than any dessert

I’m just waiting for you to be the hero in my deep distress,


Come rescue me


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