Resident of Heart & Mind

*The following content in block quotes are from personal song lyrics that I wrote myself about this particular topic and therefore will be copyrighted in order for them not to be stolen* ©

“Now I can’t stop, thinking about you,”- All A Rush from Two- Faced ©

You keep on running through my mind like tap water,

Running along the surface of my brain and reaching the depths of my heart

The words you said to me the other day are on replay

“That keeps playing, playing, non- stop,”- Lost Sequences from If 6 Ain’t Enough ©

That brightness in your eyes,

That twinkle,

Is like the light at the end of the tunnel

Your laughter is music which swims through my soul,

And warms it up

“Can’t get you out of my mind,”- My Mind from Two- Faced ©

It’s like you live there:

In my mind,

And in my heart

I can’t get you out

But would the eviction even be worth it?

Maybe I want you to stay?

I want you to reside there forever 

You’re too amazing to leave 


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