Me Minus You

Me minus you is something I have to do,

It’s time that you were gone

Me minus you,

Time to make the big move,

It’s time to do right and not wrong

I think this is the end,

I feel like this is just right for us,

I’ve pretty much been taunting you,

Not telling you anything,

Not making you aware of how I feel about you,

I haven’t been fair

But you haven’t either,

We haven’t been making each other happy

Not telling each other the words we wanna hear

It’s time I let you go

I guess we had a pretty good run

But our race has been replayed countlessly,

In slow motion

At this time I would have already let you run free,

Already liberated you,

Let you fly away

But we’ve been sprinting at the same pace for so long,

We’ve been running an endless marathon

Maybe once one of us says the words,

Blows the whistle

We would be able to stop running and catch our breaths,

It’s time I set you free,

Before we finally pass out from running to the end of time


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