I Wonder

I think about you too much,

But everytime I do,

It comes back with haunting questions:

Does he even like you in the first place?

Doesn’t he just look at you cause he’s curious of your feelings?

Isn’t he linking someone else?

But I always have high hopes for you,

And I always wonder why

I wonder why I keep on trying to find your love,

When it’s hiding in the shadows,

And always seems to be seeking someone else’s?

I wonder if you ever think of the possibilities,

Of there ever being an us

I wonder if you ever imagine us together,
Enjoying each other’s company,

Wishing for time to stand still

I wonder if you ever ponder about the things I write down,

Whether it is about you,

Or just full of any other words 

But let me give you the answer:

Of course 

Of course I do

Everyday you give me something to write about

You always do something which either makes me,

Or breaks me,

Either reassembles me,

Or tears me apart into shreds

I wonder if an us will ever exist

But you can never spell ‘us’ without u. 


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