Who Am I?

It seems like ever since I came here,

Ever since I entered this new place:

This new institution-

Things have changed

I went from being one person,

To another 

Things started off misty:

Things were unclear to me,

I didn’t know what to do

But finally things became clearer:

I finally saw the light,

All the clouds had departed

I was living life better than before

I thought I would maintain the confidence

The Glory

But sometimes things aren’t always as they seem

Now it’s a new year

And it seems like things are going from worse,

To even more fatal

I feel like my stupidity is starting to grow

I still wonder whether I’m still the same girl from last year

I’m still wondering who I am

And what happened 

Can I fix this?

But I still wanna know;

The only question I urgently want answered is:

Who Am I?


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