That Time

I remember the year before,

When I was contemplating:

It seemed like you were staring

It looked as if it was at me,

But I was unsure whether it was at me or just in the distance

Cause I know how you’re like:

You seem to somehow enjoy deceiving people with your eyes

 I don’t know if you ever did the same to anyone else,

But I seemed to be your  main target at the moment

You always got it perfectly,

With you it was always bullseyes

Once that dart was thrown,

And had dug in the wood,

The only thing to do was look away,

And wait for the beautiful fluttering in our stomachs 

This has gone on for way too long

Usually things like this only last for a couple of months for me,

I seem to recover from the infection at an amazing rate

But with you,

It seems to be like you haven’t just infected me,

You’ve poisoned me,

And it would be miracle works for me to recover,

And it would be even more impossible to be effectively cured by another antidote

Every time I get upset with you,

And convince myself that the story has finished,

You pull me back into the plot line,

And make sequels and series 

Can you believe it?

I’m here,

Floundering in the oceans of your untargetted affection,

Whereas that last year,

I was sitting on the dry, sandy shores,

Enjoying life with no need of you 

I wish we could go back to that time,

When I was actually more confident when it came to you


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