I Wish…- II

I seem to wish for more than I can get

It’s the fact that I have so much hope:

Hope for there to be an us

I wish you didn’t just look in my direction because you were curious

I wish for there to be a distinct reason you always look my way

I only let your eyes speak:

Those precious eyes,

They say things

But I don’t think they say what you think

But I can’t be so sure

Those eyes which light on fire every time you smile

I wish you could just give me the answer to the question which is forever pounding in my head

How do you feel?

I wish you would tell me

I wish things couldn’t be so difficult between us

I’ve known you for a while now

We used to be a turbulent pair:

I would always irritate you to satisfy myself

And it seemed like you did the same

But I was the cause of the awkward situation,

Which seems to be wafting in the atmosphere between us

I know things are finally changing

I know you have it for someone

And it’s most likely I’m not that someone

I wish I was that someone

But what should I expect?

You have a type of person

And I know I don’t meet your standards

So why was I hoping for something I knew I would never get?

Why was I reaching for stars I clearly knew were millions of miles away?

I have to be honest,

Sometimes I wish I could meet your standards

But not all wishes come true


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