I know I’m not the perfect person you want me to be,

I know I don’t have all the qualities,

And I’m sorry

I’m sorry I can’t always meet your standards,

I’m sorry I’m always screwing up everything,

I’m sorry I can’t always be happy,

I’m sorry I get upset over the smallest things 

I’m sorry I deconstruct too much:

I know how hard you find it to put me back together again,

It takes special materials to do the job

I’m sorry I’m so different from everyone else,

I’m sorry I don’t fit into the crowd as easily as everyone else

I’m sorry I don’t have all the media,

And I have to catch up all the time,

But I’m never bothered because I feel like there’s no need

I’m sorry about that too 

I’m sorry I cause too many explosions and eruptions,

It’s too hard for you to handle the heat

I could apologise for everything people find wrong about me,

But really,

What’s the point in all of it?

Why should I need to apologise for being who I am?

It isn’t a mistake to be yourself

It’s a mistake to be someone else

And I’m sorry if you don’t understand 


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