We Could Be

We’ll be perfect together,

We could be legends,

Just trust me on this one

I could be the happiness,

To your sunny day

I could be the moonlight,

To your dark, gloomy nights

I could be the voice that encourages you to do more,

The beautiful voice that keeps you up at night,

The voice which speaks out in the darkness and reassures you

You could be the mountains and rivers,

I could be the sights that give you shivers

You could be the skies,

And I’ll be the seas

We could be heroes,

We could cure lovesickness

If your heart was broken,

I’ll mend it,

By showing you how much you mean to me

You’re the stars,

And I’m the sky:

Always there to see you shine

Like how I’ll always be there for you

It’s too hard to admit that I have feelings for you,

You’re forever in my heart

And I belong to you 

We could be anything we put our minds to


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