Don’t They Know?

They may think otherwise,

But trust me,

In the end,

I’ll be better than I am now

I’ll be stronger,

Strong enough to move mountains,

And climb God’s shoulders

I’ll be wiser,

I’ll know that it’s best to follow my heart

Don’t they know,

That right now,

In present time,

I’m being poisoned by words of pain,

And events happening around me,

But in the future,

I’ll look back at these and wonder why I got affected by this?

Don’t they know that I may not be the prettiest,

I may not have the perfect body,

Or the greatest skin,

Or the most fantastic features,

But in the future,

I’ll be more beautiful than I was before?

I know that things right now may hurt in the present,

But in the future,

They’ll be other stuff to worry about,

Focus on the beauty of today,

And today only,

Tomorrow is just another chapter to read,

And another page to turn 


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