Seeing You Reminded Me…

I didn’t want to come that day,

I had to be honest 

I didn’t want to face The Everything and all the stress,

And the fact I wasn’t gonna see you 

Neither was I the first day of the first week

You let me down,

So I decided it was time to leave you

But seeing your face again,

With your beautiful bright eyes of concern,

Occasionally looking back at me,

I started to feel sympathetic,

And as if I was drawing back

The Other One seemed to be drawing me back too

I remember the day before,

I said to myself that I did love him,

In fact, if I there was ever the chance of us,

Then I would’ve been willing to take it

I don’t know if the universe wants there to be an us

Cause I’ve had feelings for you longer than supposed to,

Longer than usual

I don’t know if there’s something about you 

Or something wrong with me


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