Mixed Signals

*The following content in block quotes are from personal song lyrics that I wrote myself about this particular topic and therefore will be copyrighted in order for them not to be stolen* ©

“Gives me mixed signals that I don’t understand,”- DanDee from Two Faced ©

I always mention how your eyes,

Just the way they look into mine,

Just the way they glisten,

As if in concern

They make me wonder how you feel

But I’ve never mentioned this to you specifically

“So tell me; what’s going on?”- Don’t Go from A New Year ©

I need your words to come into this,

So far,

All you’ve been showing me are mixed signals

Your eyes say:

I love you

But the way you act when I’m around,

They say otherwise

I know that:

“Being with you feels like I’m living in a fantasy,”- Fantasy from High Hopes for Tomorrow ©

But do you know that?

Do you know I get shaky and my stomach fills with butterflies yet relief when I see you?

Do you know that on countless days I think about you?

Do you know that I try to get over you but just the look in your eyes,

That bright- eyed smile 


“Sweet- smelling words open doors to my soul,”- DanDee from Two- Faced ©

All of those things,

 They pull me back,

All I wanna know is whether you feel something between us,

Or you’re just curious about how I feel,

And how I feel only,

Nothing about you

Can’t you just stop giving me mixed signals?

Why can’t you just give me an alert,

Which shows one simple message?

That’s all I want


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