Lack of Leadership

I’ve never really been a leader,

But that’s only because no ones ever given me a chance

Whenever I try to show my ideas,

Try to let people know what I’m thinking,

They either ask me again and again:

I can’t hear you

What was that?

Say that again

Or not even take it into consideration 

All this time I still wonder whether there is actually a point,

I try to do what they tell me to do,

Try and get better grades by sticking to my targets,

But what’s the point when the people I work with,

Never listen to my ideas,

Never try to clean the work,

Always do the least important things first,

Leading to the work produced a crap work of action 

That’s why I hate those days when I have to work in groups,

I never get picked,

People don’t have faith in me

And we never get anything done

That’s why I hate those days

And I count the minutes until 10:50,

To be reunited with the people who do take my work into consideration

I thought The Fourth was so mournful,

But now that it was moved one day over,

The Fifth could be even worse 


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