Don’t Wanna Return

This week was tough,

I’m not gonna lie,

I think my eyes may be swollen,

From numerous waterfalls of tears,

I broke down,

And I had attacks,

And that was only from the first day

You were absent,

More times then I thought you would be,

It made my feelings change about you,

And even though I’ve finally convinced myself that the feelings have faded,

I still feel scarred at the fact that you won’t be there on the first day back,

If you are still gonna be absent anyway,

I’m stressed out at the number of work I need to have completed

And I already made the silent deal

But honestly,

I don’t wanna go back there,

Where the pressure and gravity itself keeps dragging me down,

Where my mind forever feels like a tornado 

I don’t wanna return,

But my academic mind tells me:

You need to go


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