I’m Gonna Be Silent

I’ve finally gotten tired of the sound of my own voice,

Finally accepted that I’ve been wasting my breath on things that don’t even matter to people

Nobody wants to hear my voice anymore

Everytime I try to speak,

No one bothers to listen

But people start to get concerned when I stop talking

I’m tired of embarrassing myself 

I’m tired of being ignored by people,

Trying to get their attention,

When they’re pretty much in a different world altogether,

Where the annoying ringing of my irritating voice has faded into silence 

I think it’s better if I just keep my mouth shut

And let good vibes flow,

I don’t need to say anything 

I’m just gonna save my breath for now 


5 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Be Silent

  1. Macxermillio says:

    What if you have pretty important stuff to share? You can shine a little light in their world and open up their eyes to a liberating truth and insights. Oh well…who am I to say this? The thing I don’t say anything either, not when my voice is not requested. Makes life less stressful. Another things is I try t share with those I think give a damn.
    What a painful poem, not in the it-sucks kinda way but because it evokes a lot of sympathy. One can feel the isolation and the hurt, the feeling that you aren’t as worthy.

    Liked by 1 person

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