The Shades Between Green & Blue- Chapter One

Jasmine- Blue

“Another debate from the Blue government this morning, seems like tension is running high in Parliament.” 

I hear Cyan News blare on the TV. Why do we have so much power? 

We’re pretty famous for our dominance and intelligence. But I had not time for this.

“Paisley, let’s go,” I said to her. My 14 year old sister: fragile yet smart and considerate and pretty much all I’ve got ever since The Incident.

“K, Jas,” she replied. I have to say, even though she’s the younger sibling, she seems to be more attractive physically. Our hair have different colours: hers’ strawberry blonde, mine, almost black and too fluffy to release, so I just keep it in a ponytail. I guess the only thing we have in common, we’re our blue eyes:

Mum’s blue eyes.

I don’t wanna talk about it.

Marlon- Green

“Come on, Vindleman, pick up the pace!” Mr Accent shouted.

Can you believe it? One of the things we do for detentions is plant. 

I got in a fight with Jackson Anders and now I have to do community service. Which is, ironically planting ficuses and digging up dirt with Jackson himself.

“This is your fault, Vindaloo!” He grunted.

My famous nickname: Vindaloo; because of my famous, slightly hilarious surname: Vindleman.

I’ve been called ‘Vindaloo’ for so long I can’t even remember. It’s been piss- taking.

I don’t wanna talk about it.

© Copyright 

                                    ~ ES Ordinary xx


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