Tired- II

This feeling has struck me again:

An emotional arrow to the heart

I’m tired of the breakdowns,

The attacks,

I’m letting them rip me apart again,

I’m leaving myself helpless

I’m tired of seeing the same toilet mirrors,

And the same red eyes staring back,

I’m tired of there being fires set in my soul,

It’s too difficult to let them extinguish,

Too hard to let the flames be left in smoke,

I’m tired of new people getting more appreciation and respect than me;

Me, who has been here since day one

Me, who has been here for every person at the correct times,

What happened to me receiving the love and affection I deserve?

I’m tired of these terrible thoughts I’m having,

These thoughts which keep pounding in my mind

I’m tired of this exhaustion,

Just let me rest


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