I feel like all the words for being sad,

They’ve all run out 

I’ve already explained too much 

About all of them in every single way I can

Under so many different titles

It’s hard to accept the fact that I can’t find anything good going on right now

Everything has been going wrong,

While things are getting better for other people

The pressure has built up higher than building blocks

The sadness has been munching away at my heart

I can’t find anyone who understands:

How it feels to love someone,

But never get told about their feelings,

They leave you there hanging with your feet dangling from the cliff

Where you’re unincluded,

And you feel like you’re unwanted by the people in your institution

You’re forever breaking down,

And trying to reconstruct yourself again,

But it’s not as easy without the foundation,

The mortar,

The cement

I can admit it,

They’re times when I feel like screaming:

Everything that has been tugging at my heart strings,

And providing my blood thermal energy

Everything that has been making my breaths heavy

Everything that has been imprisoned in my mind 

I just wanna scream

But I know that it would result in major consequences 

And I wouldn’t be able to face them,

Cause that means more disappointment 

There’s several words for sad,

But there’s not exactly a word to describe this feeling

So the only choice was to use this word:



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