Bad Beginnings

I thought this week was gonna be better,

But sometimes things aren’t always as they seem

This was a bad start,

A bad approach

A bad beginning


A breakdown,

Waltzed with a panic attack,

And jived with the famous mood swing 


He wasn’t there,

That shut you up didn’t it?

Seems like you didn’t wanna talk

You said you were over him,

Said that you’re letting him go,

Well your voice wasn’t  released,

Cause you wouldn’t say anything 

I guess you felt better in the end

But that was only because you didn’t know what tomorrow held


He came back

Did that make you happy?

Maybe that’s why you finally opened your mouth 

But you broke down again,

Didn’t you?

But he wasn’t there to reconstruct you again,

Was he?

Probably because he doesn’t understand 

He didn’t release the pain you were going through

Probably because she was there,

You know they’re just friends,

But she takes away all his attention from you

And you couldn’t concentrate

It seems like your teacher’s forever getting fed up with you,

Excusing yourself endlessly

She doesn’t understand

But who does?

This wasn’t what you thought it was,

Was it?


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