What You Did to Her

You act like you didn’t do much damage,

Like there wasn’t too much done

But you never actually realised how much pain and agony she was in,

After what you did to her 

She was crying to me after what you did,

She was choking out your name in tears,

Explaining what happened

You ripped her heart out of the chest cavity,

You wrote false words on it,

And then shattered it into pieces,

You manipulated her,

Made her feel worthless,

She was under your trap,

Under that vicious spell

I warned her about you

I already know your reputation amongst others

But she was fooled by your charm

You had her under your wing

Now that you’ve left her

Now that you’ve emptied out her heart and soul,

I know that we will never,


Be friends 

Forgiveness comes after an apology

And you owe her one


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