Everytime I pass people,

Everywhere I go,

Their eyes always follow me,

But not in the right way

I know I’m not the prettiest,

I know much face is covered in dark spot scars

You look at me and treat me as if I don’t know how my appearance is

Like I don’t see my reflection everyday

But I’m forever being judged 

People make assumptions as to why I act the way I do

But in all honesty,

Who are you to judge?

Because you don’t know me

You don’t know my story

You act like I’m an easy target,

So you shoot your arrows as many times as you like,

But you’ve never made a bullseye 

Cause you never got the exact case

Does it ever occur to you,

That I am still a human being?

I still have thoughts,

I still have feelings

So stop with your judgement 

Cause there’s no point in keeping me in trial when you don’t have the evidence

I call this meeting adjourned

If anything,

You’re the guilty party


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