I guess sometimes I do hate being on my own:

With no one to talk to,

Or confide in,

Or tell stories about my crush to

But at least I have my own company,

I know how to entertain myself,

Keep myself happy,

Isn’t that all that matters?

Or is it not?

I don’t really wanna be on my own anymore

People are starting to get the wrong idea,

That I have a problem,

That I don’t wanna tell anyone about

But really the isolation gets to me

Everyday I look at people with their people,

Making plans,

Enjoying each other’s company,

While I just write what I feel,

I wish I could plan things with other people,

I wish I could actually talk to people without feeling awkward,

Or having fear,

Or second thoughts 

I wanna know whether there’s someone out there who understands,

Who has the same desires as me,

For the first time ever,

I think I’m tired of my own company 


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