Have You Ever Had That Feeling?

Had you ever had that feeling?

That feeling where it feels like your heart and soul has been set on fire,

By other people’s thoughts,

Their feelings,


And opinions?

Where you wanna rip down walls,

Push and kick through doors,

And paint your name on the skyline?

You wanna scream out things you’ve been holding for what seems like forever

Those words,



And opinions,

That have been imprisoned in your mind,

For what seems like millenniums

Have you ever had that feeling,

Where you wanna protest about something,

Make a statement,

Tell people how you really feel;

That things aren’t actually okay,

And you’ve been lying about it all this time?

That there are reasons why you act in a particular way,

And you don’t just do it because you’re frustrated with everything on Earth

I have that feeling everyday,

It burns inside of me,

And spreads right through my insides,

Like wildfire

I feel it

But do you?


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