Forget About Them 

There are times when I wonder,

How would it have been if we were to be together?

Would we have kept each other’s secret to protect our reputations?

Or would we have wanted to shout it across the rooftops?

Would we have spent as much time as we could together,

Or would we have only short times of seeing each other?

Would you be sweet and romantic like a gentleman,

Or would you just treat me like you treat all other girls?

You’re so predictable,

I expect so little from you

Yet for some reason,

I look for the good in you 

What happened to my taste?

Am I just trying out different people just for the sake of it,

Or to get my heartbroken continuously?

Why do I keep doing this to myself?

Maybe it’s time I just settle down,

And forget about the heartbreakers

Especially you


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